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For Rent

For Rent
FOR RENT: Office Space for rent, approximately 500 sq. ft. in downtown Glenwood. Call 320-634-3674. (tfn)

FOR RENT: 2 BR apartment available. Close to downtown Glenwood; all utilities included. Call 320-805-0567. (tfn)

NEED STORAGE?: Call ARC Storage, 320-634-4979; west of the fair grounds. (tfn)

BROOTEN AREA HOUSING: 1 bedroom available; income-based. Equal Opportunity Housing. Call 320-235-0742.(TFN)

LAND FOR RENT 2015: Crop season, approximatly 138 acres farm 150 section 12 Benwade Township Lowry, MN. Contact John P. Boll 952-201-1176 or David Svec 320-424-2718. (2-23)

SMALL COMMERCIAL SPACE available NOW! Great location. Call Greg for pricing. (320) 760-3276 | LloydManagementInc.com (2-23)

Glenwood Apartments: Efficiency apartments for $400/month available NOW! Rent includes heat, water, sewer & trash.  Greg (320) 760-3276. LloydManagementInc.com  |  Equal Housing Opportunity. (2-23)

Manufactured Home Lots For Rent: Pinehill Mobile Home Park, Glenwood MN. $175 per month, includes water/sewer. 320-760-3377. (3-16)

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