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Absentee voting now much easier in state

Under a new law, voters do not have to give an excuse to vote prior to the election. The law also opens the polls 46 days before an election. In this case, voting for the Nov. 4 election begins Friday, Sept. 19.
There are two different options to vote early: voting by mail and voting in person.
To vote by mail, citizens can go to www.mnvotes.org and request a ballot. The ballot will be mailed to the voter. Instructions on how to fill out and return the ballot are included with the ballot. Once the ballot is mailed in, voters can track the progress of their ballot online or by contacting their county auditor.
People also have the option to vote in person at county courthouses. Some cities have early voting available too. Visit www.mnvotes.org for a list of cities that provide early voting. Voting is available during business hours Monday through Friday and offices will be open Nov. 1, the last Saturday before the election.
Individuals who have a hard time getting to the polls no longer have to worry about getting to their polling place and standing in lines on Nov. 4. Itís also a plus for busy families, who are working, or doing shift work, and shuttling children to school and activities who no longer have to fit a stop at their polling place into their busy schedules. And college students going to school away from home no longer have to navigate where to vote in their temporary living situation and can ensure their voice is heard in this important election.
During presidential elections Minnesota boasts one of the highest voter turnouts in the nation. That number drops in nonpresidential years, like 2014. Hopefully allowing people to vote by mail or early in person will increase the number of people voting this year and help us send the message to others that Minnesotans make voting a priority because we care about democracy.
Again visit www.mnvotes.org for more information about how you can vote early beginning Sept. 19 and make your voice heard about the future of our community, state and nation.

Mayoral debate set
Three candidates, vying for Mayor of Glenwood in the Nov. 4 election, will face off in a debate on Sunday, Oct. 5.  
The debate starts at 6 p.m. and will end at about 7:30 p.m., according to Jeannie Pederson of Pope County Family Collaborative, one of the co-sponsors of the debate, along with KMGK Radio and the Pope County Tribune.
Incumbent Mayor Bill Ogdahl and challengers Shannon Bodeker and Scott Formo Sr. have all agreed to the format of the debate.  Ted Hill will be the moderator, and the debate will be held at the Minnewaska Area Elemntary School in Glenwood.
The evening will include a one-hour debate and a 1/2 hour audience written question and answer segment.  Questions will be requested to address all candidates.
Mark your calendars, and we hope to see a good crowd at the event.  More details will be coming in the next Pope County Tribune.

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