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Will Lake Minnewaska be open this week?

Easter weekend brought some very nice weather to most of Minnesota, and the sun was even out long enough to redden skin if you stayed outside much of the day on Sunday.  
And, the ice on many area lakes took a beating over the past few days, but Lake Minnewaska remained mostly ice covered on Monday morning.  With cooler nighttime temperatures predicted for this week, itís difficult to say when the ice will finally disappear from Minnewaska.  Last week, however, Pelican Lake was completely open by Wednesday afternoon and the tributaries leading to Minnewaska, including Shallow Pond, are all ice free and feeding the lake with warmer water.  
It canít be long now.  While my prediction of the ice leaving Minnewaska by April 20 wasnít to be, it is hoped that the lake will be open within a week or so.  While most predictions have already been made, the following are the ice-off dates recorded over the past 107 years.  At least, the way it looks today, the lake should be open by the end of the month.

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The Starbuck Times